Arthurian Legend - When Pendragon gave away Arthur

Last year I wanted o participate in the arrestation challenge about King Arthur. I started some thumbnail for the characters and sadly, life happens, and I wasn't able to participate in the end. Couple of months ago I decided that I couldn't let that project unfinished and I decided to et back at it. When I talked about the Arthurian Legend with my husband, we realise that the way I (as a French) was told the story was very different from the way he (as an Australian) knew it. In France, I believe we have a way more whimsical approach to these legend and ou have still nowadays forests in France you can visit that had been said to had played an important role in these legends and people still believe nowadays you could spot some forest spirits, elves or fairies in these forests.

I wanted to be able to translate that for this project. I am from the country side and nature has such a great impact and importance in my life. I also want the project to be taking place in 500 instead of during the 13 century. I am trying to have an art direction inspired from Eyving Earle and from the animated film "Brendan and the secret of Kells".